Performance Management: From Budgeting to Operations 02/2019

08:00 am - 02/18/2019

@ City of Miami Police Department - Official

400 NW 2nd Ave
Miami FL  33128

40 Hour Training Course / KLEC Approved for 4.0 CEUs
$695.00 Discounted rate if paid by cash/check / $725.00 If paid by Visa/MC/Discover

Course Description:
This course of study introduces two major areas that contribute substantially to managerial success: 1) understanding budgetary fundamentals, strategies and challenges as it relates to law enforcement agencies and 2) achieving value for money with a budget linked to operational performance. It is designed to provide participants with an understanding of how organizations can evaluate the achievement of their goals, identify their successes and problems, and respond effectively to them while simultaneously meeting community expectations.

Course instruction will facilitate and foster an understanding of an agency's performance as perceived by its managers, community, and elected officials. Financial and operational performance will be reviewed on criteria that are valuable to those stakeholders and to line officers themselves. Resource expenditure will be addressed and evaluated to ensure that community needs are being met.

Strategic management of funds and controlling the dollars being spent is required to assure that organizational goals and objectives are being met within an environment of diminishing financial resources. The absence of operational standards and lack of a careful system of operational review is often reflected in wasted manpower and inefficiency. Achieving best value within the budget is critical to maintaining staffing levels. Each participant will be able to assess their patrol staffing requirements (85% of budget) according to a formula that will meet external scrutiny.

The measures presented during this course support a system of financial and operational accountability for all the organization's managers. Students will leave with an outline model for a performance management system for their agency. Training is participative and interactive, engaging students through carefully designed individual and group practical exercises focused on reinforcing learning. Students will practice using spreadsheets and budget applications on their own laptops/tablets and will be asked to gather and review agency-specific data and information for class exercises.

Performance Management: From Budgeting to Operations is one of the four courses required to complete the optional Organizational Management Certificate Program.

Course Topics and Areas of Study:
Understanding of law enforcement trends, budgeting, funding resources, and costing services
Understanding the fundamentals of financial projects
Understanding financial management and performance measures
Developing and honing operations budget management skills
Understanding operational performance and its importance
Understanding organizational culture and its effects on operational performance
Understanding strategic management and how to apply the concept of S.M.A.R.T.T.E.R. in agency planning
Identifying ways to measure operational performance internally and externally
Understanding "crime management" and "crime reduction"
Evaluating and comparing methods of performance measurement (i.e., performance targets, policing to standards, DDACTS, CompStat, Crash Stat, activity-based costing, and Logic Models)
Staffing your agency (with practical exercise)
Coursework Requirement:

NOTE: All course attendees must bring their own laptops/tablets for practical exercises.
Students will practice using spreadsheets and budget applications on their own laptops/tablets and will be asked to gather and review agency-specific data and information for class exercises.

Who Should Attend:
Executive, senior and middle management level personnel and officers seeking upper-level management positions

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