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Spaceflyers, Inc.


What is your phone number and operating hours?

You can call us at 305.219.6990

Our operating hours are from 10am to 12Midnight Monday thru Friday EST. You can send us a fax at 305.817.8882 or email us at 24 hours a day.

Why Spaceflyers?

Don't settle for 1 or 2 color printing, or even 4over1 printing. We produce Full Color printing at prices rivaling those of 1 and 2 color counterparts. Here's some statistics to keep in mind:


People are 55% more likely to pick up a full-color mail piece first (with 4over1, 50:50 chance your first impression will be that of a black and white postcard)


Readers pay attention up to 82% longer with color


Use of color in printed material increases readership by up to 80%


Use of color on selling material can increase the likelihood of a purchase by 80% or more


Printed publications are perceived 60% better when color is added


Use of color in printed material increases retention on average of 65%


Brand identification is increased 70% when color is added.


Information is communicated up to 70% faster and 77% more effectively with color versus black and white


90% of advertising print dollars are spent on full color ads versus black and white


Use of color can increase motivation or participation by up to 80%

Can you print jobs that are not one of the standard sizes that you offer online?

Yes we can. If custom size is not available for a specific product, simply select the product which is closest to what you need, and then after you complete your order send us an email stating the size. We can cut to your custom size at no additional cost. If the size goes over the size needed additional charges may occur. If you have any problems with this step, you can send an email to or call us at 305.219.6990 from 10am- 12 Midnight EST.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash in person, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and Paypal.

Can I cancel an order once I have paid?

All orders are processed and sent to plate as soon as they are paid for. You may send an email to: requesting a cancellation. Please note that sending an email does not guarantee that your order will be stopped but if your order is already plated your will be responsible for covering the new printing cost and shipping if needed. This will also add an extra day to your new order.

Can I order 1 or 2-color printing from Spaceflyers?

Yes you can, however if you are using a PMS color, the PMS color will be converted to it's closest full color (CMYK) equivalent. Some colors have a tendency to noticeably shift in the conversion, so we suggest you consult with PANTONE's Solid to Process Guide which displays over 1,000 solid PANTONE (PMS) Colors, each shown alongside to its closest possible CMYK full-color process match. If you are a US customer, you can purchase a PANTONE guide at

If I place an order now will it looks exaclty like my last order as far as colors?

At Spaceflyers, Inc. we do our best to get the colors as consistent as possible. Please note since the order was ran on a Gang Run the first time with clients, it will be nearly impossible to run the same jobs with the same clients. Whats does this mean? It simply means that the colors will never look 100% exact. Chances are the colors will come out very close but we cannot guarantee it specially if it was not printed on the same run.

Will I always receive exactly the quantity I order?

As per industry trade customs, "overruns and underruns not to exceed 10% of the quantity ordered shall constitute an acceptable delivery". However, we appreciate that when you order 1000 cards, you would like to receive 1000 cards. The overwhelming majority of time, we ship you more than you ordered, free of charge. All orders are "counted" on an electronic counting scale before shipping. Rarely, if ever, due to the inherent nature of the printing process, we may ship slightly fewer pieces than you ordered. Printing industry trade standards allow for underruns up to 10%. Therefore, it is within the industry standard that a shipment of 4,500 pieces on a 5,000 order is an acceptable order. Although such a scenario falls within an acceptable delivery, it is never the case at Spaceflyers, Inc. As mentioned, this scenario is the extreme exception and definitely not the rule. Nonetheless, if you plan to send your print job to a mailhouse, we recommend that you either order a greater quantity, or make someone at Spaceflyers, Inc aware of your situation. Please keep in mind that if you are sending your postcards to a mailhouse, Post Office (EDDM Program) or fulfillment center, there is also a trade standard of anywhere between 2-10% waste on the mailhouse's end. Please be sure to consult with your mailhouse before ordering.

Can I split my postcard order into multiple lots?

The price for our postcards is for one lot at the quantity ordered. For example, if you have a 4"x6" postcard that has a common front, but two versions for the back, you cannot order 2,500 of one lot and 2,500 of the second lot for the 5,000 price. This would be treated as two orders for 2,500 cards.

Can I track my order on your website?

Yes. By clicking on "My Account" and entering your username and password, you can check and view your order by going to "View Order Status". In addition, you will be emailed updates as to what stage of production your order is in. Furthermore, when your order has been completed, you will be sent an email informing you of such, along with a link allowing you to track the UPS shipping of your order all from Spaceflyers, Inc.

Will my printed job look exactly like it does on my computer monitor?

(1) All monitors display colors using RGB colors (red, green, blue). Meanwhile, all printing presses print full-color images using other colors; the CMYK colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). The RGB color spectrum is larger than the CMYK color spectrum. As such, it is possible to create colors in RGB that you cannot make in CMYK. These colors are said to be "outside the CMYK color gamut". So if you are working in an photo editing program such as Adobe Photoshop, and are working in RGB mode, you can create colors that look great on your monitor, but are nonetheless impossible to print. This is because before a file can be printed on an offset press it must be converted to CMYK. If your image editing program has a "CMYK Preview" option, you should always work in that mode to allow you to gage the limitations of the CMYK color gamut. Otherwise, you should always work in CMYK mode.

(2) Let's assume that the file you created in Photoshop is in CMYK mode. First, your monitor is still using RGB colors to display the CMYK colors. This is the first limitation. Secondly, your monitor's calibration affects what you see on your screen and as such, colors on the printed card may vary from what you see on your screen. If your monitor is not calibrated, and 90% of the time consumer monitors are not calibrated, your artwork will look different than it would on a calibrated monitor. Because our printing is run in accordance to SWOP standards, printed pieces usually represent truer colors.

Please note that your monitor's calibration affects what you see on your screen. Colors viewed on computer monitors may vary significantly from the appearance of the final printed piece. DO NOT TRUST the colors on your monitor unless you have a monitor that has been accurately calibrated to SWOP standards. Please keep in mind that Spaceflyers, Inc. does not guarantee color matching.

What is SWOP?

SWOP is an abbreviation for the recommended Specifications for Web-Offset Publications. SWOP standards are a set of specifications for color proofing that is used to ensure the consistency of color appearance between different print jobs. In short, SWOP defines the density of the four inks, namely CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW and BLACK (CMYK) that are printed, so that what a pressman prints on paper can match the supplied color proof. All our color proofing devices are calibrated to SWOP standards. All proofing systems must be calibrated to these standards or the printed piece will not appear as anticipated. Unless you have a hi-end color proofer and have run SWOP color calibration software, there is no guarantee that any color proof you create will look exactly like the final printed piece. In particular, color inkjet and laserprints, especially those printed on specially coated papers, are known to look substantially different than offset printing. Furthermore, as per industry trade custom, "because of differences in equipment, paper, inks, and other conditions between color proofing and production pressroom operations, a reasonable variation in color between color proofs and the completed job is to be expected. When variation of this kind occurs, it will be considered acceptable performance."

I created my files in a program other than the ones indicated on your site. What do I do?

We accept files in most available file formats.

Many of you only have Corel Draw, PageMaker, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PaintShop, etc. If these are the only tools at your disposal, you can attempt to use them if they allow you to create either an EPS, TIFF, or PDF out of the native file. You will increase the likelihood of sending us printable files by doing so. You can use Acrobat Distiller with a wide range of programs to create PDF files that will increase your chances of producing a print-ready file.

Have no fear though. If you're not sure if what you did is printable, send us your files and we'll examine them FREE OF CHARGE. At no cost or obligation to you, we'll have one of our professionals at Spaceflyers, Inc. review your files. We'll let you know if there is anything that will prevent us from printing your job. If we find everything to be in order we will give you the good news so that you can continue your online process. Even if there is something wrong, we will email you what the problem is to help you fix and revise your files.

Do you accept Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word files?

At the current moment we do not accept these files. Please resave your files as a PDF or PNG at 300 DPI, CMYK Color.

I designed my files, but I'm not sure if I did it right?

If you're not sure if what you did is printable, send us your files and we'll examine them FREE OF CHARGE.

At no cost or obligation to you, we'll have one of our professionals at Spaceflyers, Inc. review them.

We'll let you know if there is anything that will prevent us from printing your job. If we find everything to be in order, we will put a proof online for you free of charge. Even if there is something wrong, we will email you what the problem is to help you fix and revise your files.

Can I have a frame or border around my image?

YES. However, it is strongly suggested that you do not use a thin border around your postcard, poster, brochure or whatever else it may be that you are printing. If you are designing your file with a border around the edges, it must be a minimum of 1/4" wide, plus the 1/8" we need for bleed. Due to physical limitations of guillotine cutting, borders thinner than that will most likely appear uneven. Critical type or images, as well, must be at least 1/8" from the edge of the card. Spaceflyersm Inc is not responsible for type, art or images that are cut off if these guidelines are not followed.

My image is 72 dpi. IS that OK?

NO. Most web graphics are 72 dpi which is not a problem. But when it comes to printing, the images or files that you submit must be 300 dpi, at final size, to ensure maximum sharpness and quality. Failure to do so may result in pixelation and blurriness.

Beware of Interpolation!

DO NOT interpolate! Here's the scenario. You created your files at a low resolution (ex 72 or 150 dpi) and then you manually go and change the resolution to 300dpi. This results in asking the computer to calculate the pixels that are not there and to add new ones, thereby interpolating the image. Computers cannot add new data to sharpen the image, they can only add "filler" pixels. This usually always results in blurry and muddy images. Hence, if your original file was created at anything less than 300 dpi, it IS NOTacceptable to simply go and manually change the resolution to 300 dpi after the files have been created. Your files or images must be either recreated or rescanned at 300 dpi. Please remember that the image or file needs to be 300 dpi at FINAL SIZE. So if an image is 2"x2" at 300 dpi and then placed in a page layout program, such as Quark Express, and blown up 200% to 4"x4", the resolution now is only 150 dpi.

Please watch out for this pitfall.

What resolution should my files be?

Your images should be scanned at 300 dpi and your files should be created at 300dpi at THE FINAL DIMENSIONS YOU INTEND TO USE THEM. So if an image is 2"x2" at 300 dpi and then placed in a page layout program, such as InDesign, and blown up 200% to 4"x4", the resolution now is only 150 dpi. In the above example, the final dimensions of your image is 4"x4". As such, if the picture you are scanning is only 2"x2", you should scan your picture at 600dpi. Hence, when you enlarge your image 200%, for example, the resolution of your image is still 300dpi. Please watch out for this pitfall.

What does PDF stand for?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a format that was developed by Adobe. Adobe PDF is a universal file format that preserves all the fonts, formatting, graphics, and color of any source document, regardless of the application and platform used to create it. PDF files are compact and can be shared, viewed, navigated, and printed exactly as intended by anyone with free Adobe Acrobat® Reader® software. You can convert any document to PDF using Adobe Acrobat software, namely Distiller or Distiller Assistant. (source:

If you created your files in an "office program" such as PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Microsoft Publisher, etc, saving your file as a PDF will be your best option in trying to get your files over to us for review. Please remember, we review your files ABOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE, so there is no risk or obligation by sending your files to Spaceflyers, Inc.!

How do I send my files?

We recommend that you always attach your files when picking your items from the website (Upload front, Upload Back). It is the fastest and most cost effective way of getting your files to us.

What is your turnaround time?

Most products at Spaceflyers, Inc. can be ordered with turnarounds from 24 Hours to 7 Days, depending on the size and quantity ordered. Please note that adding options such as folding or scoring will add to the base turnaround. The change will be reflected in the available options.

Does your turnaround time include shipping?

No. Our turnaround time is measured as the time needed for us to complete your job and have it ready for you to either pickup, or send by courier or UPS. It is the amount of time it will take for your job to be completed and it starts when you give us your approval to print along with payment information. Shipping times are in addition to the turnaround times posted on our website.

Does Spaceflyers, Inc offer a "quality assurance"?

At Spaceflyers, Inc, we take pride in the quality of our work. In a recent survey, 99.1% of our customers said that we "met or exceeded" their expectations and that they would definitely reorder from us again and recommend us to others. In fact, a tremendous amount of our work is generated from favorable customer reactions and recommendations. As such, we stand strongly behind our work. If a job is unacceptable due to defects in workmanship, please call us right away within 5 Business days from the time you received your order to look into your claim. Please note Spaceflyers, Inc will not cover customer errors such as low resolution images, poor photography or incorrect copy. Furthermore, we print to industry accepted "pleasing color" standards. We will make every effort to produce a reasonable representation of your job based on your supplied materials. However, note that Spaceflyers, Inc. does not guarantee color matching so defects due to color matching cannot be honored.

Can you print a different quantity than you have on your website?

Although we can try to print any custom quantity, most products are limited to the quantities listed online.

What does "4/0", "4/1", or "4/4" actually mean?

4/0 = 4over0 = Full Color printing on the FRONT and nothing on the back

4/1 = 4over1 = Full Color printing on the FRONT and 1 color (normally BLACK INK) on the back

4/4 = 4over4 = Full Color printing on BOTH SIDES

What is the preferred format to send files to Spaceflyers, Inc?

We prefer native files from Quark Express, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Indesign. We would prefer JPG or PDF, 300 DPI Cmyk Color. Just place the order at Spaceflyers, Inc. and upload whatever you have. We will review your files 100% free of charge.

RGB vs. CMYK? Understanding the 2 is critical.

Colors displayed on your computer screen do not always match the colors on your printed output. DO NOT trust your monitor!

Why would the color on your monitor and the color on the actual postcard vary? Simply because they use different methods for creating color. There are differences between what you see on your computer screen and the output of your color printer. In some cases they can be quite different. As a result, producing attractive printed documents involves compensating for these differences.

Color displayed on your computer monitor is created by projected or additive light. Red, Green, and Blue lights (hence the term RGB) are projected in differing strengths to form various color combinations. White results from combining Red, Green and Blue at full strength.

Printed color, however, is reflected or subtractive color. The printed inks absorb (subtract) certain colors from the visible light spectrum -- what you see is actually the light which is reflected off the printed matter (paper and inks). Printed color is referred to as CMYK color because Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK inks are used to created the colors. (In theory, Black would result from printing Cyan, Magenta and Yellow at full strength. A true black ink, however, is often added to provide stronger solid blacks.)

As a result of these different methods for creating color, color mismatches often occur between monitors and printers. The range of color which can be produced on a monitor differs from that of a printer -- both devices produce some colors which the other cannot. Further problems occur because computer monitors are rarely calibrated to any standard settings and their colors shift as they age.

How long have you been in business?

We are proud to be serving our loyal customer since 2005. We ship to all 50 states and around the world, and we have been producing high quality, full-color printing to individuals and businesses day in and day out for over a decade. Our growth stems from our commitment to customer service excellence. From easy file upload, to free expert technical review and free online proofs, we set the standard for exemplary customer service. In fact, a tremendous amount of our work is generated from favorable customer reactions and recommendations. As we approach a decade of dedicated online service, we thank all of our customers for their support and loyalty, and we look forward to serving you for decades to come.

Spaceflyers specializes in Fast Full Color Graphics and Printing with a superb quality. Established in 2005 we have been an industry leader for years.

To provide the best quality and turnaround on all Full Color print orders. We are commited 100% to customers satisfaction and easy ordering. Try us today!

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