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Coastal Credit Clinic

Our Services:

Blending our state of the art technology with good old-fashioned customer service keeps us as the leaders in our industry.

What we do is work with your negatively credit impacted files to remove erroneous, disputable and or obsolete credit information, that appears on your public
issued credit reports. We pride ourselves by building everlasting clients for your company. We dramatically increase your clients credit scores in as
little as 45 days..

Unlike traditional credit repair, our services have been designed to streamline the raising of the your credit scores. We do not just "Dispute" derogatory trades in hope that the derogatory comes off, just to have them reappear a couple on months later. We can do traditional credit repair by disputing to the credit reporting agencies. We use a traditional letter writing campaign that has an excellent success rate. We can utilize any of our programs to raise your credit scores in a timely manner.

Here are a few of the programs and procedures that we have been using to help Consumers, Brokers, Realtors, Lenders and Financial Planners for the last 11+ years;


Mortgage Lates
You know the drill, no matter how good a credit score is one recent mortgage
late within the last 12 months can stop you from getting a loan.

Trade Lines
Recent lates on credit cards, auto loans, installment loans and other
traditional trade lines can stop a borrower's score. Our years of experience
along with the on going relationship we have created with lending
institutions will help increase your clients score in a very short period of

Notice of defaults- Judgments - How can you get a client funded that has a
Foreclosure on their record? Most of the time, you can't Foreclosure are at
an all time high, we can assist with the removal of a Foreclosure off of
your credit report. We have been successful in removing these
loan-stopping problems from your credit reports.

Bankruptcy Re-listing
Thousands of potential loans are overlooked every year when a Broker or
lender looks at a credit report with a low score and a bankruptcy attached.
Those days are over! On the average our BK Re-list program yields qualified
borrowers and increase in credit scores in 45 days! Most consumers think
that their low credit score is due to the BK, but in reality it is a
mis-categorization by the Bureaus by showing accounts that were included in
Bankruptcy as current open collections. Let us help show you and your
borrowers that there is "Life after BK".


Charge-offs and Collections
A lack of education tells the average person to pay-off charge-offs and
collection accounts. When a consumer pays off a collection account all that
the credit report reflects is a zero balance, but all the derogatory
information showing that the account was a collection/charge-off, profit and
loss etc... still remains after payment and does very little to increase the
score. In fact in some instances, it can actually lower a score by the
collection company re-reporting the account. Our team handles collections
with ease. This is what increases your borrowers score, not just making it
read as a paid collection/charge off.


We at COASTAL CREDIT CLINIC have always prided ourselves on educating our
brokers/lenders and the consumers. The Matrix that creates the credit score
is very complicated at best. The more your team, or a consumer knows, the
more they can identify these loan-stopping problems. With our help the
client can be credit worthy and now a transcation can be closed.

You would be surprised at some of the miss-conceptions some of your
teammates may have! Credit is more than a score and there are many factors
that make up the score, but in the Financial World, a higher score means
more closed loans...

Our final goal is simple. It's to help close more loans and build permanent
clients that will think of you and your company for all their financial
related needs. By the way, these are also the clients that know you took the
extra step to help them and refer everyone they can.

Where do we go from here?
Contact our office or email us to introduce yourself and so we can assign a
exclusive Credit Analyst. A FREE CONSULTATION AND ANALYSIS is offered prior
to any services rendered!

Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have and we hope to
build a strong and profitable relationship with you and your company. Keep
the edge in our current market by joining the thousands of brokers and
financial experts using COASTAL CREDIT CLINIC Nationwide.

Occasionally, information gets reported inaccurately onto your credit report. This can truly affect your credit score, making future purchases and
loans difficult to obtain. Negative items that report accurate on your credit report have a FEDERAL STATUE OF LIMITATIONS of 30 days to respond
back to validate the negative entry. Without response, they have to remove/delete it from the system..

The helpful credit repair agents at Coastal Credit Clinic work with everyone who needs help with negative items on their credit report. We specialize in working with all 3 credit reporting agencies to offer credit repair to homeowners, married couples, individuals, military personnel, and business owners. Our fee is only $190.00 down and $90.00 per month for 6 months and then we Review. Our goal is to attempt to improve your overall credit score.

We will work efficiently towards helping you repair your credit. It is true that you can do this yourself but who has the time, patience and resources to aggressively work with all three credit-reporting agencies? Just as many people choose to go to a tax professional to have their taxes done to ensure they receive the maximum refund available, the same can be said about our credit repair company.

Contact us for a FREE Initial Credit Analysis!

Hablamos Espanol!

Credit Repair Services:


● Late Payments
● Collection Accounts
● Charge Offs
● Bankruptcies
● Repossessions and more!

We work with all three Major Credit Bureaus:

Trans Union

Getting Started is Easy!
You simply fill out our customer application form or contact us by phone and we will provide you with a free initial credit consultation. Then we will obtain your credit report and one of our specialists will contact you.

We take care of all the leg work and dispute all the necessary discrepancies on your credit report. We can help you build up your credit rating.

Coastal Credit Clinic
21485 East Dixie Highway
Aventura, FL 33180-1253

Call Us Toll Free at 1-888-796-2718, Hablamos Espanol!
Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. EST

***The highest compliment our clients can give us is the referral of their family, friends, and business associates. This leaves us free to invest our time delivering first class service to our valued clients. We are interested in building strong, lifelong relationships one person at a time... beginning with you.

Yours Sincerely,




1-888-796-2718-Office (Coastal Credit Clinic Representatives standing by to help!)


Hablamos Español! –Email



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